Why Google Authorship is Key to Your Bikini Marketing Strategy

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Why Google Authorship is Key to Your Bikini Marketing Strategy

Google+ has been getting quite a bit of attention lately. Some people claim it’s the best social media site for content sharing while others denounce it as a ghost town. A recent report shows the network has more than 500 million users, ranking it second to only Facebook.

Many people wonder how a social media site that entered the scene so late can have such huge success.

The answer? Google doesn’t play around. Unlike other social media sites, Google integrated Google+ into its core foundation, meaning users stay logged in to the social media site on any Google element – Gmail, Youtube, even the Google search bar has a spot for G+.

Think about it. A social media site connected to Google? Any content you share is automatically synced to the world’s most popular search engine. For bikini marketers, that’s better than never getting a sunburn. (Ok, maybe not, but it’s definitely a close second.) 

How to Establish Authorship
Authorship refers to how Google ranks your content. If you post content about a certain topic that gets shared by your followers or publish blog posts on a regular basis, Google will start recognizing you as an expert in that field. Once you establish authorship through your Google+ account, Google can rank your content from any website, not just G+.

This means when someone searches for a topic you’ve written about, you have a higher chance of being one of the top results. And the more often your followers share your content on Google+, the more likely Google will rank your results.

Don’t you want that to be you?

The first step is to make sure you are established as an author in Google’s system. From there, it’s all about creating quality content (which shouldn’t be a problem because you already do, right?). Once you establish authorship, you can track analytics like how much traffic your posts get and how often they are shared.

Not Sharing on Google+ Can Have Bigger Implications Than You Realize
So let’s say you’re one of those people who is still undecided about Google+. You may have gotten on a few times and shared a picture of a sunset or a Monday morning meme, but you don’t actually think of it as a content sharing platform.

But you would never be that naïve, right?

Because the truth is that content marketers who share on G+ have a double advantage over those who don’t: they are getting content ranked by the largest search engine in the world and they are building their reputation. Before Google+, that took years, and you usually had to make connections to move up the ladder. Now, individuals can get themselves noticed by national, and even global, organizations simply by sharing quality content. Your level of influence is shown in the number of followers, engagement (shares, +1s, etc.) and how often you post.

Something to keep in mind is that Google does not respond kindly to users who try to cheat the system. If you think that sharing 10 mediocre posts each day will raise your ranking, you’re mistaken. Take the time to share a well-written blog post or content from a recognized thought-leader in your industry. As always, quality over quantity.



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