How Telling a Good Story is Key to Your Company’s Success

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Telling a Good Story is Key to Your Company's Success

If you ask an expert marketer how to engage an audience, most will say, “Tell a story.” But a story about what? Superheroes? Overcoming adversity? Rags-to-riches? Improving the world? And how does your company fit into the story? Is it the protagonist? The trusty sidekick?

The best stories are simple. They connect with the audience. They engage them. Make them laugh, possibly make them cry. Inspire them.

But stories about big equipment? Or plastics? Spare parts? How on earth do you make that story interesting?

Keep it simple. A lot of times people don’t like stories not because they’re boring, but because they’re complicated. Even the most complex topics have a simple foundation. 

Think about breathing. We inhale oxygen, our body transforms it into carbon dioxide, we exhale, it helps the plants. See what I did there? I took an incredibly complicated process and turned it into something simple.

This spare parts company did the same thing. They created a stop-motion video to explain what their company does and how it is expanding their client base. Do you think this would have been as interesting if it was just a company representative rambling on? Let’s look at some of the most appealing aspects.

The video is fast. In two minutes you learn what the company does, how it retains clients and how it is reaching new markets. Whether you like it or not, we are a fast-paced community. People are busy and they want to get to the point, not watch a lot of fluff. It only wastes their time and your money.

The Lego Men are more than just cute. They are an easily recognizable symbol that add a little humor to the situation. Deciding on your marketing budget can be frustrating. If you can find a way to help people have a little fun while doing so, go for it. It’ll definitely keep you at the forefront of their mind.

The story made a promise. The company said they have thousands of loyal customers, but what they’re really telling you is they’re credible. They offer products and customer service that keeps people coming back. They told you how their marketing plan eliminates waste and overspending, but what they meant was they know how to get the most for their company, and they’ll do the same for yours. More importantly, however, the video tells you they understand challenges business owners face and they know how to handle them. And, to a business owner, that’s the best story of all.

If you’re stuck coming up with a new marketing plan for your business, try telling a story. Just think about what your clients wants or needs and what you can do to give it to them. Once you come up with the basics, put it into an easy-to-understand visual and let your story sell your company.

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