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Oops… she did it again! Since 1998, Britney Spears has been taking the music industry by storm. From countless hit records to an undeniable comeback, she has made it clear that there’s nothing she can’t handle.

Aside from her lucrative Las Vegas residency, Britney’s latest endeavor has involved amping up her social media efforts. Between her Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook accounts, everyone can benefit from taking a few notes from the princess of pop.

“Lucky” Industry Connections

From TV personalities, actors, musicians, and more, Britney Spears has friends in all the right places. Some of her best collaborations include artists such as, the Ying Yang Twins, Miley Cyrus, Madonna, and Rihanna. Throughout the years, Britney has always made it a priority to connect with the right people and maintain those relationships. Throwing it back to a picture of her and Madonna after their infamous 2003 VMA performance, Britney Spears made sure to post a personal message on her Instagram for Madonna on her birthday.

Take a pointer from Britney and try reaching out to leaders in your industry through their social media pages. Start by sharing their content, commenting on their posts, or mentioning them in a tweet. Engaging with industry leaders and establishing meaningful connections will help you build thought leadership and improve brand visibility. 

Videos That Will Keep You Entertained “Till The World Ends” 

Recently, Britney has been extremely active with the Instagram video feature. Whether she’s showing us how she spends her Saturdays (and Sundays), a glimpse of her dancers playing Twister, or showing off a mean Woody Woodpecker impression, you never quite know what you’re going to see. She even accepted the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

Video serves as a different, and sometimes more intriguing, way to share content. Social posts with videos tend to generate a significant amount of engagement and shares. From webinar recaps, speaking presentations, product announcements, or simply sharing a video of your office antics, the possibilities for video are endless. So don’t be afraid to use this medium as a way of sharing your content. People will appreciate the change of pace.

Personality That’s Anything but “Toxic” 

Although Britney uses her social media accounts for promotional purposes, she knows not to over-do it. More often than not, she uses social media as a way to share her life with her fans. Whether she is posting pictures of family outings, moments captured during meet and greets with fans, or goofy pictures of her travels, Britney is always giving us more of that personality that we love.

Brands should follow the same direction when it comes to posting on social media. You should want to give your audience an inside-look into what’s going on at your company. Give your followers a chance to get to know what your brand is truly about and create an experience for them that they can’t get anywhere else.

Promotion That’s “Stronger” Than Most

Britney has some of the most loyal fans out there (starting with myself), and she knows exactly how to use social media in order to get them fired up for what’s to come. From music video teasers to promoting special Twitter Q&A’s, Britney always finds new ways to excite her fans. When her “Scream and Shout”” single featuring was coming out, Britney posted a photo to Instagram with the caption, “Spead the word & make this your profile pic!” Minutes later, the image spread like wildfire. How genius is that?

Despite all of this, nothing quite compares to the promotion that is circling around her residency at the moment. The city of Las Vegas has welcomed her with open arms, and Britney has documented her journey every step of the way. Recently, Britney was gifted a key to the Las Vegas Strip and even received her own holiday. November 5th was official dubbed “Britney Day,” and, of course, Britney made her contributions to the trending #HappyBritneyDay hashtag.

So keep in mind that when you’re sharing branded messaging, phrase it in a way that is enticing and not overly salesy. If you’re promoting one of your products or solutions, ask questions to spark conversation and provide everyday examples of how your followers can benefit from what you’re offering.

In everything she does, Britney is a force to be reckoned with, and she knows it. So follow her lead on social media, and you, too, can build a powerful online presence.



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