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What is Bikini Marketing?

Bikini Marketing is not about selling bikinis. It’s not an agency. It’s not a cheap ploy to get your attention.

Our intent is to turn an old Internet marketing axiom on its head – and to open up what was once a boys’ club to the rest of us.

Not long ago, the world of SEOs and affiliate marketers was dominated by a species we have come to call the “brogrammer.” Together, these content marketing pioneers created and promoted the term “bikini marketing.”

For those of you unfamiliar with the analogy, it goes like this:

In the same way that women in bikinis get more attention because they’re showing more skin, marketers who choose to share more with the public will be more successful than those who stay covered up.

That’s right.  The men who once ruled Internet marketing could think of no better way to describe the practice of openly sharing information with customers than to equate it to a woman wearing practically nothing.

We see it differently. To us, Bikini Marketing is about empowering young female marketers with the tools and information they need to bring change to their organizations. Whatever you’re up against – from a convoluted chain of command to a boss who still thinks social media is a passing fad — we’ve got tons of tricks to help you bring digital innovation to your company.

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